True Success Occurs When You Give Back and Teach What You’ve Learned. A Lesson from Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous is probably one of the most successful programs for creating lasting change for people, in the history of our planet.

The main reason for this success can be found in the 12 progressive steps that addicts go through to create action and momentum towards a better life.

We are all familiar with the 1st step, which is:

Facing our problems head-on and admitting that we have an issue, is the first step in any program for creating change. It doesn’t have to be an addiction, and as we look at this from a business point of view we can see that first admitting we have a problem is a catalyst for taking action towards a positive outcome in any situation.

While I feel that each step is as important as the next and that each step builds on top of the next, I feel that the most important step is number 12.

Step 12 states:

Once we have taken the path to creating a better life for ourselves, or within our business life, it’s important that we give back and share our knowledge and struggles with others.

This not only builds on our confidence, as we stretch out of our comfort zones to help others. It also serves as a way for us to get out of our own issues for a while, as we reach our hand out to help someone else.

On their website, the Dream Center for Recovery states this about this important step.

The Benefits of Helping Others
For those who help others in their recovery, the benefits are numerous. Helping others builds one’s self-esteem and confidence knowing they are making a positive contribution in their community. This focus on serving others also helps reduce feelings of selfishness and helps people find true happiness. Helping others who are struggling with drug and alcohol addiction reminds those in recovery what they left behind and they will always remember the pain of substance abuse.
Being of service to others while in recovery is an excellent way to meet new people and engage in new experiences which are fulfilling. For those who volunteer, it helps minimize feelings of boredom which is a common trigger for relapse. Most importantly, giving of one’s self helps them grow spiritually which is an absolute necessity if recovery is be sustained in the long run.

One of the things I discovered early on in my Salesforce journey, was the Salesforce “Ohana” (or family). The moment I started interacting with Admins, Developers and the thousands of others who are apart of the Salesforce family, I found love, acceptance, mentorship, passion, and a sense of family and giving back.

They instinctively knew as the 12 steps teach that giving back, and sharing our talents and struggles throughout their journey and offering support to others was the key to ultimate success.

Once we know and understand the journey (wherever it is we are at), we can begin to serve others in our community.

There is a sense of living when we give. Getting out of our heads, out of our struggles, and everyday hum-drum issues, and helping others I believe is the key to happiness.

Leaving all the altruistic sentiments aside, it is also proven that teaching what we have learned is the highest form of learning. Once we have learned and move to the point of teaching, is when true mastery occurs.

But, don’t take my word for it.

Make it a point today, to reach out to someone whom you can serve and mentor. Teach what you know. Take them to lunch, or coffee and make a friend.

Take an interest in someone’s life, and allow your experiences to serve them in a positive way.

We have an amazing opportunity within the Salesforce Ecosystem. Let us share our passions, so we can pass this opportunity on to others.

Giving is living.

Thank you


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